The proposal is for a cross-border exhibit with two components: 

show/muestra and tell/cuenta. 

Proposed indoor showcase venue - Juarez Museum of Art, Cd. Juarez, Chihuahua, MX.

Exhibit space section



The centerpiece of show/muestra is a selection of 20 postcards created by the artists from encounters in the cities of El Paso + Cd. Juarez between Feb and Mar 2020. 


The postcards are mounted on a bar type display to be fabricated at the Fab Lab in El Paso. A video introduction (3:00 min) incorporating maps, interviews, and drawings will be projected onto a wall adjacent to the display.

Exhibit space floor plan



The Tell/cuenta component operates simultaneously on the El Paso side of the border - engaging the audience and allowing them to expand the work.

A ready-made postcard will hold four written postcards from the artists, and thirty-six blank postcards. Written instructions will be posted near the postcard stand. People are free to handle the postcards, turn them over front and back, read written postcards, and write on blank postcards.

Ready-made Postcard Stand, Artist rendering of proposed collection activity

Postcard map locations

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Project supported by the William Kinne Fellows Traveling Prize