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Around October of 2019, a series of new policies in the United States, including what is known as the Migrant Protection Protocol, left many asylum seekers stranded in Mexico waiting for asylum hearings. Thousands of migrants were waiting in Ciudad Juarez, many outside near the bridges crossing into the United States. Several religious and civil society organizations came together to develop shelters for asylum seekers, who otherwise would be outside during the winter. One of these places is Casa de Acogida, where a group of women have joined Junt@s Vamos in producing embroidered bags for sale. Laws in Mexico do not allow most asylum seekers to work in formal employment, so this is a way to earn income for themselves and their families who remain in their home countries. The women in the group came up with the name Junt@s Nichonsagua for the embroidery project to recognize the collaboration with the original Junt@s Vamos group and to identify their own home countries – Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala.


This call is for those interested in collaborating and purchasing some of the beautiful work these women are doing.

If you want to know and order a bag woven by a border community member, visit this link >>> 

Email of contact:

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